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We at Glenn Sound provide the highest quality recording and production services to artists and businesses who seek to have their ideas brought to life in the most creative ways. Our depth of experience allows us to work collaboratively with clients to provide a wealth of services - from concept and composition to completion - using a small but highly motivated staff. Glenn Sound has been called a "creative oasis"; we like to think of it as providing a comfortable environment for artists and creators to realize the full potential of their vision.

Founder Glenn Lorbecki: "The best part of the job is getting to know the clients and learning what gets their creativity flowing. Optimally, we are a conduit for their ideas." When asked about the various services Glenn Sound provides, Lorbecki offered, "We are fortunate to have engineers and producers with expertise in many disciplines, from composition and performance to film and live production. We bring a lot to the table, and really enjoy the art of collaboration."